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Accelerated Disease of the Aged in Alzheimers

Due to economical, social, healthcare, education, and other factors the diseases in our older generation are accelerating. Older people may lack education that helps them to spot signs at early stages, which can help geriatrists find cures to various diseases. In addition, as one grows older they tend to avoid socialization. The lack of socialism has caused acceleration of disease. Healthcare is deficient, which has also caused major problems for the older generation, as well as the younger societians.

With so many continuing problems experts of specialize in healthcare for senior citizens is finding solutions, yet these answers is not enough to stop the acceleration of diseases.

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementias, which can escalate to progeroid syndrome. The condition will cause aging signs to increase dramatically, which shortens the expectancy of life. We see this type of disease in our younger generation as well. Children who bald early, or have hunches in the back has encountered accelerated aging conditions.

The condition moves to form Hutchinson – Gilford syndrome, or progeria. Werner’s syndrome may also develop early. In addition, various other diseases may follow, including Down syndrome. This is where Alzheimer’s come in, since it is a general condition known as the sister of progeroid syndrome. Downs starts the aging process to accelerate swiftly. The condition affects glucose, which is the sugar source of energy that promotes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Blood vessels are affected as well, which starts another disease that leads to intolerance. Gradually the disease begins affecting the entire body, which can develop into cancer. In addition, the disease can escalate to degenerative bone illnesses. Once the bones are hit, thus the body diminishes rapidly. As well, Down syndrome can cause hair loss, which is another symptom of acceleration of aging. Moreover, the disease can cause death prematurely. Down syndrome is damning, since it will target CNS (Central Nervous System), which leads to retardation. The brain starts to deteriorate, which causes Alzheimer’s disease to develop, as well as dementia.

How to fight back
To ward off these diseases early detections must be considered. Most diseases will send signals at the early stages to warn you. If you notice any symptoms emerging, seek medical treatment immediately. Even if the condition is minor, the doctor can move to action to prevent further problems.

The best thing we have in life is the ability to communicate. Use the gift we have, and speak with your physician regularly. Staying informed is another gift, which we have a wide array of information to help us learn. Learning is a beautiful gift and condition that we use to grow healthy. Use it to your advantage. 

Statistics has not only shown, but has also proven that those who effectively communicate with their healthcare experts, discussing their condition with the professional medical experts, thus statistics have shown that these people live longer and healthier. Effectively communication however is not only speaking, but it is also the act of joining in the actions to better your health. This moves us back to learning.

When you are informed, you have knowledge that drives you to a well-versed solution. The strategies to take to prevent the diseases include, talking, taking action, partaking, listening, learning (specifically about your condition and overall health), visit your physician at regular intervals, and taking steps with your doctor to prevent disease.

Studies has shown that elders with Alzheimer’s disease also has sister diseases, which counteract the other. To avoid such complications one must consider primary healthcare, and know when to contact the doctor when symptoms emerge. Record keeping can help you continue to monitor your health, which is an outstanding method to reduce disease.

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