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Allergy Relief and your Air

Do you know what you breathe in each day? Did you know that our air has many harmful chemicals, including radiation? Our air is full of microns, mildew, plant chemicals, mold, dust mites, dander, dust and so on. Is it any wonder that each day we struggle to find allergy relief?

How we find relief:
We have options when it comes to allergy relief. Doctors prescribe us inhalers, medications and so on. We have over-the-counter remedies to consider as well. Still, we must fight these chemicals and radicals in our air. We have Atomic Energy Commission, Hepa products that provide us a filtering system. This system will purify the air over more than 98% of its microns. The product was designed to purify air in plants, yet Hepa discovered that it would benefit homes, offices and more.

Removing more than 00.3 percent of the microns, humidifiers, filters and dehumidifiers made by Hepa can reduce allergy attacks. These products have removed radiation, mold, dust, mildew, dust mites, pollen and more from the air.

In fact, the products free up bacteria. Most labs, hospitals and so on use these products.

What it does:
Hepa products will clear the air of dust mites, pollen, mildew spores, mold, fungi, rag weed, dust, yeast cells, dander, bacteria, radon progeny, viruses and more. The products will also remove pet odors, ozone residue, sewer gas, gas, odors, ammonia, chemical buildup, formaldehyde and so much more.

Mold buildup includes black, orange, gray and white. The buildup is dangerous and can send you to an emergency room. If untreated or removed rather, it can become fatal.

If you knew what was in your air, you would take measures to minimize irritants immediately. We all have the power within us to take action. When we need relief, we have answers available to us. Online we have a world of information that guides us to relief. Our doctor often provides us information and guidance to find relief. In addition, we have products that bring us relief.

How to find additional relief:
We have cleaning tips available to us. To treat dust mites, place plastic covering over your mattress. Wash your blankets, sheets and pillowcases weekly. This will help you minimize dust mites.

You have filters and vacuums, as well as Hepa products to minimize dust. In many, dust builds up as quickly as you clean.

What you should know:
Dust is a packer. Dust in homes studied showed evidence of packing PBDE. (Polybrominate Dipheny Ether)

Now you know what is in dust, yet did you know that this chemical links to PCB, which is a chemical found to perhaps cause cancer? Some countries have banned PBDE.

How to keep dust at bay:
You should use a high-filtrated vacuum to cleanse the air. We encourage you to look into Hepa products.

You should clean the home at least once each week. In some areas, dust builds up rapidly. If you live in an area where dust builds rapidly, clean your home at least once each day.

Studies showed that outdoor air has fewer chemicals than indoor air. Thus, using a quality filter to clean your home can help reduce irritants, and help you find allergy relief. Again, I would like to mention that dehumidifiers and humidifiers could help control the air. Studies showed that these products could reduce air irritants to over 50%; In fact, dust mites struggle to survive in cool climate.

Did you know?
Did you know that having a dehumidifier and/or a humidifier in the home can save you energy? Fact: Using a humidifier or dehumidifier means that you use less heat, or electric to run an air-conditioner.

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