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The Basics Of DVDs

A DVD is a lot like the CD, but it has a much larger data capacity. A standard DVD holds about seven times more than a CD does. Just think you can put more information on to one little disc. This huge amount of space means that a DVD has enough room to store a full length, mpeg-2 encoded movies, as well as a lot of stuff like pictures and other types of information you want to put on there.

Here are the contents of a DVD movie. One you can get up to one hundred and thirty three minutes of high resolution video in your choice of letterbox or pan-and-scan format. You can also get soundtrack presented in up to eight different languages using 5.1 channels Dolby digital surround sound. Finally you can get subtitles in up to thirty two different languages.

With this you can do just about anything. Make any kind of DVD you need. Did you know that DVD can also be used to store almost eight hours of CD quality music per side. That is a lot more than you can get onto a regular CD. Just imaging all that your getting on to one little disc.

With DVDs you have way more advantages over VHS tapes. DVDS have a better picture quality and many DVDs have Dolby Digital sound. This means its almost like watching a movie at the theaters, but in your own living room. You do not even have to leave your house with that kind of quality. Many DVD movies have an on-screen index, where the creator of the DVD has labeled many of the significant parts of the movie, sometimes with a picture.

With your remote, if you select the part of the movie you want to view, the DVD player will take you right to that part, with no need to rewind or fast-forward. This saves on wear and tear of the DVD. You do not have to worry about messing up your movie.

I will have to say that DVDs have to be one of the greatest things to hit market. You have better quality than we did with VHS. You can sit in your own home and have that quality you would at the theaters. It is really a wonderful thing that we all get the opportunity to enjoy our movies in such a way and we should all stop taking so many things for granted.

Your DVDS now days are showing you so much more in the picture than you ever got to see in the past years. The images are so much more crystal clear and the sound quality is just phenomenal. Just imagine many years from now the different ways that movies are going to continue changing and improving. You would not think as good as they are now days that there could be any room for improvements but with everything in life, there is always room for improvements.

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