Batch Excel Workbook Binder


Batch Excel Workbook Binder is a tool that culminates the workload of merging Excel files in bulk. The tool has the capacity to bind .xls files without wasting a single minute of the user. The Excel merging software has the latest components rigged which assist in binding excel files. The tool supports all formats excel files like .XLS, .XLSX, etc. in any amount you want. The latest file that is produced after mergence can be saved in a folder elected by the user as per his convenience. Thus you can detect that this is a multitasking tool that binds & saves the file for you.

It is a tremendous file merger that with its speed & preciseness saves huge amount of time & effort. You can Run this tool in all type of MS excel i.e. 2013, 2010 & 2007 without any problem. It has been purposely designed in a way that every person can utilize it for daily office work. The power to attain the task quickly & accurately makes this tool the best software to merge Excel files.

Business & Finance / Office Suites & Tools

Price: USD 49.95


Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP



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