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Breathing Lessons in Allergy Relief

Breathing patterns are very important if you have allergies. When a person can’t breathe, they begin to panic and learning how to control our breathing is necessary for everyone. Changing our breathing patterns can be done with little effort. Some practice and learning techniques will help us to take control of breathing.

Breathing comes natural from birth and as we age sometimes, it needs to be changed to keep us healthy. In order to change our pattern we need to understand a little bit how the breathing technique works.

How breathing, inhaling works:
As we inhale our brain, sends a message to the diaphragm that is the muscle separating the heart and lungs from the stomach. When the message gets to the diaphragm, it activates it. It will flatten out letting the lower ribs swing out so the chest cavity can increase. As the chest cavity, increases the lungs will pull air into the lower lungs.

How exhaling works:
When we exhale the lungs and muscles will go back to its normal size. After a pause, the process will start over again with the brain sending, it’s message. The normal process of breathing is 14 times a minute more depending on how much the person needs it.

Breathing is controlled by the nervous system to run in its self-correcting mode. There are to branches of the self-correcting mode, one is “relaxation response” and the other is “fight response”.

How the relaxation response works:
The relaxation response tells the system to slow the heart a breathing rate down. It works to keep the digestion and elimination going at the normal rate.

The fight response reacts to the functions that relate to emergencies and exercises. This response wakes and rouses our system to respond to the emergency by pumping adrenaline making our heart and breathing increases their rate. The increase will supply more oxygen to our bodies. If we are in real danger, the energy is used if not it could cause anxiety and hyperventilation.

How breathing fast affects you:
With allergies or asthma, we tend to breathe faster not realizing it. Breathing at a faster rate will take more energy out of us but letting us have more oxygen. At the same time, though when we breathe out we are losing too much carbon dioxide. If we lose too much carbon dioxide, it can be critical. The hemoglobin that carries the oxygen through our blood to the cells will become sticky not letting the oxygen through.

Learn to slow down your breathing rate to reduce your attacks. There are exercises that can be done to help you to breathe. Continue take all medications and consult you physician before starting to learn new breathing techniques.

How yoga exercise train you to breath naturally:
Yoga exercises will teach you how to practice and learn new breathing techniques. You can join Yoga group or buy CD’s, videos and books about yoga. The materials to learn yoga can be bought at most videos and bookstores. Checking out the Internet is a great place to purchase these because there are some that can be purchased used.

How practice helps you to breath naturally and minimize, allergies
It is a known fact that to practice new breathing techniques can help prevent attacks and help you to maintain a normal healthier life. Get started today and learn how to practice yoga for your own good health. By being healthier, you will have more energy to do the many things you’ve missed all these years.

Learning and practice is the next step for you and your health.

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