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Business Cards and Twitter

Online communications has changed ever since the social network websites emerged on the net. Perhaps you’re already familiar with MySpace and Facebook. These are examples of social networking websites and next to them is Twitter. Twitter is not just about social networking; it is also about blogging.

Users of Twitter tend to think of the site as a big cocktail party that is open to public for 24 hours. You can talk about many things like your business, personal life, or even find potential employers and customers. Twitter is also about micro networking 24/7.

Even if you meet a lot of people through Twitter, they will remain strangers except when you exchange tweets often. It is not possible to exchange business details or cards online. If you want to get more information on someone, you need to be friends and he/she should respond to the tweets you’re sending. Tweets are short messages you can send via Twitter which are only 140 characters. On your profile page, you can put information about yourself but it is limited and you can also put some links. It will depend on the people that visit your profile page whether they will be interested or not.

Visit the site so you can create your own virtual card and exchange them on Twitter. The business cards are dynamic. The site will allow you to do a lot of things like leave the virtual card to an email together with a short message or leave the card on a chosen website. You don’t need to talk to people on Twitter anymore; just leave your card and they will know who you are and what you do. If they are interested, they can easily contact you.

The tweets can contain messages, greetings, or networking information. Virtual business cards are a way to go especially if you’re into some kind of business. You can put your business details on the card and your contact info. Before you start to leave off your virtual card to Twitter subscribers, make sure that you identify your target market first. That way, you will not be wasting your time with people who will not appreciate your business. Determine the target market first and study their needs. If you think your business can meet up with their expectations and needs, then promote your business and leave your card.

As mentioned earlier, you can also put links on your profile page. The links should lead to helpful resources or to your business site. That way, you can also generate traffic to your site. By providing helpful links, you’re showing others that you care about their needs. By doing so, you can also develop good relationships. A relationship based on trust and confidence lasts; if you can win your prospects, your business will succeed through Twitter.

Visit the website and create your own business cards. Virtual cards can help you stay connected at all times. It will take only a few minutes to create the virtual card. You can do this by filling out the resume or upload a document that will come together with your business card. You will receive a tangible card and a virtual card.

By driving contacts to SpartX, you can easily send your card to their email. If you want to be identified by yoru prospects, send business cards now.

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