Carl the Caveman Christmas Adventures: Winter Pack

Although the winter holidays are over, Carl the Caveman’s adventures continue in a new expansion pack! This time our primitive protagonist, Carl, needs your help pushing rocks, smashing crates and avoiding traps. Can you help him through 50 levels of arcade puzzle challenges?

Dragons, Blue Goblins and Mad Mushrooms will do their best to prevent our hero from reaching his goal, but you can get rid of them by using a hammer and pushing boulders onto their heads. You’ll also need to open locked doors and use teleporters to reach new areas. It’s a challenge, but at least Carl will be able to appreciate the beautiful 3D winter wonderland through which he’ll travel. Will you help Carl the Caveman to enjoy the final days of winter?

(Note: This is an add-on for Carl the Caveman: Christmas Adventures. To play it, you need to own version 1.2 or higher of the full, original game. If the version number is lower, download Carl the Caveman: Christmas Adventures from to obtain the latest version.)

PRICE: USD 14.95


Games / Puzzles & Logic

Windows Server 2003/Windows XP/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows 9x




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