Contour Components’s products

Contour Reporter

Contour Reporter is universal software for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis. It allows managers and specialists quickly get business intelligence reports to improve corporate management – sales reports, customers, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports.

Price: 1000USD



Contour Publisher


Contour Publisher is a script-based console tool that automates report production. It automatically queries relational databases, creates or updates OLAP reports as Contour microcube, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML files, and delivers reports to users.

Contour Components’s products

Price: 2000.00 USD



Contour BI Portal

Contour BI Portal is a for interactive reports. Contour BI Portal shows report catalogs and reports containing interactive tables, charts and multi-layer maps in a web browser with no additional client software. It provides adaptive GUI for desktops, , and tablets.


Price: 30000.00 USD



Contour BI Small Project

Contour BI bundle for small projects or small business, Includes:

Contour Reporter 5 users licences

Contour Publisher 1 server licence

Price: 5000.00 USD


Contour BI Portal 1 Year technical support subscription

Contour BI Portal 1 Year technical support subscription.


Price:3000.00 USD






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