Software Development / Databases & Networks, DbSchema, startachim blog

Software Development / Databases & Networks, DbSchema, startachim blog

DbSchema is an universal database tool featuring graphical layouts, Relational Data Browse, SQL editor and Query Builder.

The graphical layouts are facilitating an intuitive interaction with the schema.

Relational Data Browse is an efficient way of browsing the database data without writing complicated queries.

The Query Builder does a great job in building queries just per mouse. No SQL experience is required.

DbSchema supports deployment of the schema over multiple databases and upgrade of schemes between different versions. Schema syhchronization is the key feature in this direction.

The layout print-outs and HTML5 image documentation are offering a great support in documenting the schema.

DbSchema is the proper tool for experienced programmers and administrators as well as for beginners. The visual contact with the schema and the data are improving the efficiency and increases the quality of the schema design.


Software Development / Databases & Networks

Dos/Linux/MacOS/Windows 2000/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Solaris/Unix/Windows Server 2003

USD 127



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