Design of reinforced concrete Deep Beams according to ACI318-14 metric. 

This program designs deep beams (span to depth ratio <4) based on the full implementation of the Strut-and-Tie method as described in Chapter 23 of ACI318-14. Yes it is real, the problematic design of deep beams is now possible thanks to the innovative use of the STM without any approximation. Design with few clicks deep beams of any height (it could be a bearing wall with a large opening at the ground floor) submitted to uniform, trapezoidal loads or a concentrated force. Extensive design note is generated where the verifications of struts, ties and nodes of any shape are performed! The programs respects the minimal allowable inclination angle of struts, and if not respected it automatically generates a new truss system with more members added in order to match Code requirements. It is not all! finally with one click a CAD drawings is created. This is what we mean with our new approach to structural programs.

                            The main interface of the program

       A small sample from the calculation notes

                                  CAD compatible drawing generated by the program

Please try the Demo Version and note that:

  •     There is a limitation on concrete and steel materials characteristics

  • Demo version does not produce design note neither drawings.

Full version comes with a computer-bonded license. You cannot run your software on a PC
other than the one on which it was initially installed.
For more Infos please read the "Legal Notes" located in the "Support" menu.



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