eScan Web & Mail Filter

Features of eScan Web and Mail Filter

eScan Web and Mail Filter is the powerful and futuristic Anti-Spam and Content Security Solution from MicroWorld.
The software delivers advanced Spam and Phishing Control, Web Access Management, Attachment Control, Content Security and many more.

Multi-layered Spam Control
The software uses a combination of technologies for accurately weeding out spam mails.

Non Intrusive learning Patterns (NILP)
NILP is a revolutionary technology from MicroWorld which works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence to create an adaptive mechanism in Spam and Phishing Control.

Content Scanning
Advanced Content Filtering, Active Control Blocking, Safe Net Use Ratings and more.

Productivity Management
Helps improve employee productivity by restricting access to non-productive and pornographic websites.

Attachment Control
You can block specific file types from being sent or received.

POP Up Blocker
Blocks all kinds of unwanted pop-ups during web browsing, with white-listing options.

Blocks External Access
Enforces restriction on creation and modification of specific file types in a user specified folder.

TCP Connections
This inbuilt Network Monitoring Tool examines TCP/IP activity on Windows computers to keep check on unauthorized users and programs.

eMail Archiving
Enables archiving of emails to save your bandwidth.

Privacy Control
Removes all information about the websites that you visit and removes all other private data stored in browsers.

Automatic Updates
Provides automatic updates of virus signatures, heuristic algorithms and Spam checkers.


Utilities / Antivirus

Price: USD 29.84


Windows 2000/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003


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