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Turns Your Photos into Something Extraordinary! – Image Broadway is an amazingly sophisticated yet simple image and photo editing tool. It is powerful enough to give your images and photos the professional treatment they deserve, yet simple enough to perfect and style your photos by fast browsing and selecting the best filters to apply to. It even lets you sequence, save, and reuse a combination of filters for your favorite treatment. Its professional results, easy-to-use features, small footprint, and affordable price make Image Broadway the "#1 Must Have" image and photo editor for users of all levels. Image Broadway lets you create and edit graphic images with over 100 filters, special effects, and adjustment and repair tools. It supports over 500 cameras. From simple tasks to advanced image editing capabilities, Image Broadway does it all and does it very well. It offers advanced image processing technologies while hiding beneath a user-friendly interface. It also offers batch processing and automation tools. If you have two or more similar photos, you can compare them side by side to see which one you like better. Or, while you're editing a photo, you can compare the edited version with the original to see if you want to keep the changes. Image Broadway comes with the multiple panels option in horizontal or vertical views. You can choose layout based on the orientation of photos. You can also move photo using menu command or drag and drop it from one panel to another. Fix red eyes or remove blemishes from faces. Straighten or correct the building in your photos. Lift dark shadow areas and recover blown overexposure highlights in your photos. Use Auto Color to remove color cast automatically. Use its Auto Level and Auto Gamma tools to analyze your images and determine the correct color balance. Then, apply those adjustments to each channel and each pixel in the image. If you want to improve color balance more precisely to individual color group, use the Level and Curve tools to manually adjust them. As one of the final steps to enhance your photos, use Selective Sharpen and Local Contrast filters to add extra sharpness and contrast to the area on the edges instead of the whole image to get perfect photos. Try 16 Photography filters such as Cross Process for high contrast and unusual colors, Old Polaroid for orange and pick tint in the center, Holga Black and White for dark blue undertone, Rainbow Gradient for modern and fun, Vintage, Lomo effect, Vignette, Velvia Saturation, the possibilities are endless. Some of filters create adjustment layers, you can mix and play. You can make your text following a shape, a line, and any path that you designed. With the help of layer styles, you can make them as 3D, hallow, shadow, color, gradient, and pattern filled text. Try Classic B/W for the elegant look. Classic Film and Classic Red offer bright and film like photos. For portrait, try Classic Portrait to bring out rich skin tones. With Warm, cool, pastel, nature, icy, creamy, hazy, summer, and soft filters you can achieve a wide variety of artistic looks. Filter Browser can be the start point or one-stop place for working with filters. If you know which filter you want to use, you can directly go there using menu pull down. To see the differences of each filter and have some ideas of what each filter can do, you can use filter browser to start.

Multimedia & Design / Image Editing

Price: USD 89.95


Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2012



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