ForexSignalPort EA Annual Subscription (Valid for two accounts)

Strategy developers since 2011 and trusted by over 1200 traders worldwide. Phibase portfolio has been developed over several years of R&D in price action and market dynamics. CabEX and iProfit have completed over five years in live trading. RayBOT has been trading since past three years and has proven itself. INDEX has been trading since March 2018. Geometric trade size management ensures capital safety. All trades are protected by stoploss and portfolio management assures drawdowns are limited. No grid/martingale. 

Strategies run on dedicated server. Signals are pushed instantly to your MT4 through an always 'on' web socket technology. Trade cloning ensures identical trades across brokers.

Trading signals from our time tested strategies are run on the Phibase Trade Server. All trade signals are forwarded to the Portfolio Management Module.

Only trade signals with current performance metric above longer term performance averages are delivered to the member. Weaker signals are filtered out.

ForexSignalPort MT4 EA powered by always 'ON' technology, receives the signals instantly and executes the trade as per the risk level chosen by the member.

  • No broker related trading differences. Trades identical across all brokers since trades on master are cloned instantly.
  • ForexSignalPort MT4 EA needs to be setup on only one chart. No need to set up several EAs on different trading charts.
  • The EA requires minimum system resources and can be run on any PC or VPS with minimum configurations reducing running cost.
  • Phibase master accounts run the latest versions of the strategies. No need to update EA when any strategy changes are made.
  • Optimal portfolio performance ensured by filtering of underperforming trades from strategies that are in drawdown phase.

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