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High Blood Pressure in Obese Diabetics

High blood pressure is a concern for anyone but people with diabetics are more likely to
suffer from it than others.  If you are obese and diabetic, a high blood pressure can be
deadly leading to a fatal heart attack.  Like many health risks associated with diabetes,
good control of your blood sugars, a healthy diet and physical activity can help to keep
your blood pressure in check.

If you are suffering from a headache, your vision is blurry and you feel light headed or
dizzy you may have high blood pressure.  These symptoms are not just indicative of high
blood pressure though and you should seek medical attention to determine the cause. 
Other times there may be no symptoms at all when you have high blood pressure or it
may be slightly elevated.  It is smart to have your blood pressure routinely checked at
your doctor’s appointments.

When you are obese, the most effective way to reduce your blood pressure is to lose
weight.  Follow a meal plan that works for your diabetes, making sure you are consuming
enough food, and can still allow you to lose weight.  Other changes that you can make
that will improve your blood pressure are:

*    An exercise routine that is followed on a regular basis
*    Reducing stress in your life – mediation, yoga, letting go of some responsibilities
*    Quit smoking
*    Lessen the amount of salt you use for cooking or on your food

While you are making lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure your doctor may
decide to put your on medication.  If you have to take blood pressure medication it does
not have to be forever.  You can look at it as a short-term fix while you make the changes
necessary to lower your blood pressure on your own.

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