Hyperballoid: Amazing Labyrinths Level Pack

How many Hyperballoid packs can we publish? As many as you want! If you keep asking for them, we’ll keep making them. Each time, we think, “This is the last pack,” but then the creative juices start flowing and we get excited about our new ideas! Besides, if we told you, “This is the last pack,” would you believe us? After all, Hyperballoid madness will continue until the very last fan has no more cravings to swing that paddle, smack those balls, and smash those amazing brick formations while powerups rain down from above. So, if you’re a diehard Hyperballoid fan, get ready to plunge into Amazing Labyrinths!

(This is an addition to Hyperballoid Complete Edition and you will need to install the most recent version of that game first)

PRICE: USD 14.95


Games / Arcade

Windows Server 2003/Windows XP/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows 9x




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