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Learn To Draw A Bunny

Bunnies are cute creatures that have become a favourite subject by artists. They are also considered to be challenging too. There are various ways of drawing a rabbit. If you want to learn to draw a bunny, here are some of the basics that you should need to know.

Drawing A Bunny With Its Back On You

One of the easiest forms of bunnies would be the one that has its back on you. This is ideal for very young kids. To start, use a pencil to draw two circles on top of each other. This would be the head and the body of your rabbit. Thus, make the one on the bottom twice the size of the one on top. They should also overlap with each other for about 1/3 of the top circle.

Erase the bottom part of the head so that they would look like solid circles on top of each other. Add a small circle on the lower part of the body. This is the tail. Then add up two oblongs on top of the head. Now you have the ears and the drawing is complete. You can add color if you want. For kids to practice, they can draw many bunnies together.

Drawing A Bad Rabbit

Most bunnies are depicted as cute and cuddly. However, this time around you’ll be drawing a bad bunny rabbit, to make things more interesting.

First, create the face. This would include rounded cheeks, a pair of eyes, and one cute little button nose. To give your character an evil and grungy look, you need to do some alterations with the facial features. This can be achieved by drawing menacing and slanted eyeballs. You can also make the teeth a bit pointed, so to make it a little bit scarier than the usual bucktooth rabbit.

Add the ears and other body parts. The ears should be long cylindrical things, which come out from his head’s top. They could be sticking up straight in the air or could be nicely bent at haphazard angles. The body must be rounded since they are usually plump.

Finish the body. Do this by drawing a rounded, fat line that would become his jumping hind leg. Also, make 2 thinner legs and place it in front of the chest. Lastly, do not forget the puffy tail to be placed at the rear end portion of his body.

Furnish your work by adding finer details. Add a few lines on his tail and beneath his ears to make it look like your character has some fur. Do not forget to add whiskers. You can make these straight and alert or crooked for a grungy look. Then, add the buck teeth. Since your rabbit is an evil kind of hare, you can give him fangs instead of placing round shaped teeth. Then you’re done!

Drawing A Cute Rabbit

For you to draw a traditional cute version, just follow the same steps as drawing a bad rabbit. However, this time, you should make sure that the features are cute and not scary looking. Do away with the fangs or crooked teeth. Round is the best way to go.

Other features like the eyes and ears should have a cute appeal too. Don’t slant the eyes, but instead make them round. Add some glare by placing white spots on the black portion of the eyes. For the ears, try to make them curvaceous rather than angular. Add a carrot and a bow to his neck or ears for added cuteness.

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