MailScan for Mail-Servers (Generic)

MailScan is the advanced Real-time AntiVirus and AntiSpam solution for Mail Servers. MailScan protects organizations network against Virus, Worm, Trojan and many other information security threats. Employing an array of intelligent filters, MailScan offers powerful protection against Spam and Phishing mails along with comprehensive content security.

Features :


  • Web Based Administration.
  • Real-Time Virus Scanning at the Mail Gateway.
  • Attachment Filtering.
  • Real-Time Content Scanning.
  • Advanced AntiSpam and AntiPhishing.
  • Non Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP).
  • Blocking Image Spam.
  • Autogenerated Spam Whitelist.
  • LDAP & POP3 Authentication.
  • Comprehensive Attachment & eMail Archiving.
  • Compression and Decompressiong.
  • Automated Hourly Updates.
  • Virus Outbreak Alerts.
  • Customized Disclaimers.
  • Extensive Reports.

Utilities / Antivirus

Price: USD 25.9


Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008


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