Minitek Smart Search – Standard subscription

Minitek Smart Search is the most advanced search engine for Joomla. Based on the powerful Joomla core component Smart Search, Minitek Smart Search Search allows you to incorporate more advanced search features into your website.


  • Native support for all Joomla core content
  • Supports any 3rd party Joomla component that includes smart search plugins (eg. K2, Easyblog and many more)
  • Scans the content of your website and builds and index for fast and intelligent searching
  • Suggests search terms as you type
  • If no results are found, suggests alternative search terms
  • Ajax driven
  • Highlights search terms in search results
  • Custom filters and filter groups
  • Beautiful and clean front-end interface
  • Supports template overrides
  • Can be used on multi-lingual websites

Web Authoring / Web Design Utilities

Price: USD 20.72



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