Mykosmos BPM Express

Mykosmos is a ready to run just out of the box software. Also is a business suite for automating business processes into usual Business Applications that use a Database. The application runs in 3 tier mode, right out of the box. Using this tool the developer can construct software agents that have a role as process coordinators, planners and experts. The agents are written with AutoScript, the scripting tool of Mykosmos. Here the agent can assign activities to users and wait to finish. A flowchart is automatically created to show the work-flow of the procedure but also the progress of a running procedure. In order the application to run in multi user mode, using 3 tier configuration, needs an Application Server and Clients (that can be freely downloaded). The applications can be easily designed (forms, menu, database schema, agent code,…) by an application programmer. In order to modify, test and run the agent a special debugger exists. The debugger in the same machine runs debugged not only the action plan of the agent but also the code of the activities that are assigned to users (in other machines). This way the "agent building" becomes a trivial programming task. In the action plan of the agent can be applied wait states, parallel execution split, and joins, or joins, ad hoc parallel splits and subprocess execution.

Just right out of the box Mykosmos can provide the user the following:

  • Sales Offer Process
    Mail Sending and Receiving

    Customer Order Process
    Raw Materials Purchase Order 
    Generic Purchase Order Process
    Mass Production Process
    Customer Complaints Process
    Meeting Process
    Chatting Process

    Task Assignment Process
    Project Management Process
    Technical Problem Process
    IT Request Process

Every incoming or outcoming mail and its attachments become documents for the system. Those documents are attached also to the Contact and Business Partner Forms.

Mykosmos BPM Express is for five (5) users incuding the developer.




Business & Finance / Business Management

Windows 10/Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2016


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