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Despre mitraliere

Totul a plecat in 1942 cu necesitatea unei arme antitanc portabile capabila sa penetreze blindajul tancurilor germane PzKpf III&IV si PzKpfw 38 (t). Pentru cartusul 14,5x114mm, simtitor superior ca si performante mitralierei DShK cal. 12,7mm (avand energie dubla) s-au dezvoltat… Continue Reading →

Looking for a job

Seattle Tech and Startup Jobs | GeekWire All Tech and Startup Jobs

Diagnosis and Allergy Relief

Allergy symptoms start out mild often. The condition can cause the eyes to water, itch, or can cause the nose to drip mucus. The skin sometimes is irritated, which causes itchy or hives. Sometimes hives can cause the skin to… Continue Reading →

Dandelion flower,edited image

“Dandelion flower,edited image” by Marcu Ioachim – Mostphotos

Cold coffee

Iced coffee is great for days when you need a pick-me-up but it’s too hot out for regular coffee. There are lots of different ways to make your own iced coffee, and you can try them all in your kitchen… Continue Reading →

Allergy Relief and Common Causes

 Today about 60 million people has some kind of allergy to one thing or another. It could be from the food you eat, or maybe the soap that you use, to the pollen in the air. There are so… Continue Reading →

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