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Painting In Oils

If you’ve thought about doing oil paintings, here are some basics to get you started.

The first step in your production of oil paintings is to make sure that the area in which you are going to paint is well ventilated. You need a window or door that can be opened as you work, a good fan and a space that is fairly open so air is able to circulate.

If you are going to work on your oil paintings outside you’ll have to be able to secure everything so the wind doesn’t end up blowing things all over. Keep in mind that bees, and various other insects will flock to your citrus thinner.
The first thing to do is put down your drop cloth, your tarp, your plastic bag and so forth. Secure the edges of each by using masking tape. This will keep it from getting bunched up. You’re going to set up your oil paintings work area on the drop cloth so make sure the area is roomy enough for your comfort. If you are going to work on your oil paintings with a table easel set up on a table, you’ll want to cover the floor below the table top and the place where you will stand or sit.

Before you start painting your oils, don your paint attire – gloves included. You’ll need one container that has paint thinner and one container that holds a combination of two parts paint thinner and one part walnut oil. These containers should be about three inches high and two inches around. Each should be filled to the half way mark. You’ll need a comfortable set up with an easy reach for your paint palette and knife, your brushes, the two containers, as well as paint rags and tubes.

Now set up the paints you’ll use for your oil paintings. If you have a variety of colors, you don’t need all of them squeezed out onto your paint palette. Start with just two or three colors. If your choices are only primary colors, then squeeze out onto your palette a dime size spot of cadmium red, yellow and blue. Space them as far from each other on the palette as possible, as if you are putting dots on the three points of a triangle. In the center of this paint triangle squeeze a nickel-size spot of Titanium white oil paint. Next use your knife to mix these colors.

Now you’re ready to really start creating your oil paintings.

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