Password Box

In this modern age there is a need to protect your online identity. If a hacker cracks a website you use and obtains your password he may then be able to unlock your bank account and other services you use on the internet.

Protect yourself from company mistakes

In recent times even large companies with billion dollar revenues have had their user databases leaked and passwords revealed for hackers around the world. This is where Password Box comes in, it generates strong passwords and allows you to easily and quickly retrieve them. It sits on your Windows taskbar using very little resources and with 2 clicks you have your password ready to go for your favorite website.

Password Box goes a step beyond and uses the best in encryption technology to protect your passwords so that even if your local machine is compromised your passwords cannot be obtained. If your laptop computer is ever stolen then the thief cannot log into any of the sites you use as all your passwords are locked down.

Web Browsers are insecure

Unfortunately if you are using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer to store your passwords right now you are at risk of having all of your saved passwords stolen. You won't ever notice until a thief has stolen all the money out of your bank account and maxed out your credit cards. Many websites which appear normal can be criminally run or have advertisements with embedded code that steals passwords by using vulnerabilities in the web browser and plugin technology like Flash and Java.

So turn off any password saving feature in your browser immediately and use real security to protect your online identity. Download Password Box today and feel safe.

Utilities / Security & Encryption

Price: USD 9.95


Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008


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