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Best pdf text extractor, image pdf to text converter and pdf to latex converter.

PDFtoTxt Converter is designed to convert pdf to txt file easily and accurately. With its simplest interface design, users of any skill level could utilize this application. OCR capability makes it possible to extract text from scanned PDF. What’s more, it also provides the feature of converting PDF to Latex format for usage of scientific document.


Convert PDF to Txt.

This utility enables you to change pdf to txt file and extract all text content in seconds.

Multiple-column PDF.

Keep the basic layouts of PDF documents when turning pdf into text.

OCR image PDF to Txt.

OCR feature lets you convert scanned pdf to text accurately and losslessly.

Convert PDF to Latex.

Want to edit scientific equation professionally? Try to convert PDF file to Latex format.


Extract all text from PDF documents with fast speed.

For some reasons, people need to copy all text from an Adobe PDF file. Select all the text trapped in the PDF and use keyboard “Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V” to export into a Word file? That will be the last choice in the Computer Age. Leave the job to computer and software.

PDFtoTxt Converter is the one you can rely on and boost your productivity. It is capable of copying data and text from PDF and paste them into editable Txt format efficiently. Not data loss and issues. Quite simple to use. Upload your files, select the PDF-to-Txt option and start extracting all text and data.


Keep basic layout of original PDF document perfectly.

PDF file in multi-column layout will improve the readability sometimes. However, turning such kind of PDF files back to txt tells another story.

Traditional pdf to txt converter program will not keep the layout when processing conversion. This will result in data or text loss inevitably. However, PDFtoTxt Converter ensures your accurate and efficient conversion, especially preserving the original multi-column layout. Feel free to use this utility to deal with any possible situation.


Powerful image pdf text recognition capability.

In order to make image PDF document searchable and selectable, you should apply OCR technology first. Equipped with advanced OCR SDK, PDFtoTxt Converter offers the possibility to recognize text in images and turn scanned PDF into text with highest accuracy.

Configure “OCR PDF to Txt” and start the special PDF-to-Txt conversion process.


Handle the publication of scientific documents easily.

Latex is wildly used for technical and scientific documents and famous for its super convenience in complex mathematical formulas typesetting. It is inevitable for Latex users to convert pdf to latex format for further editing and typesetting.

PDFtoTxt Converter will work for you. This program packages with powerful pdf-to-latex ability and help you turn PDF into Latex file with all data and typesetting preserved. No need to retype and code manually again. Create a new Latex file from PDF with our utility. Save your time and energy!


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