PowerAFA – Aphasia, speech and brain injury treatment software

PowerAFA is an Aphasia, speech and brain injury treatment software, that improves words and letters recognition and other skills in aphasic patients.

Features and benefits. Software is composed by a great variety of exercises: sound's exercises, image recognition's exercises, word and letter exercises, verbs and actions recognition exercises and so on.
Software can manage different patients, with different level of difficult and personal settings. An animated assistant helps and stimulates patients during exercize.

Additional features:

  • Monitoring statistics;
  • Exercises customization;
  • Unilimited patients number (usefull for clinics);
  • Free software updates.


PRICE: USD 70.09


Home & Education / Teaching Tools

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2012


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