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Ashampoo Video Converter converts your videos into any format with ease. The program is highly usable and self-explanatory. Once you select your videos, you can either pick a format or target device. Ashampoo Video Converter features numerous presets for cellphones, gaming consoles and Apple devices to ensure that your videos will work on those devices.

It also comes with optimized presets for popular video portals such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and others for easy uploads without the need for additional conversion and quality loss. Thanks to batch processing, multiple movies can be converted simultaneously and even joined into a single file if needed.

The program supports NVENC and Intel HD Graphics technology and utilizes the GPU for fast results. Essential video editing features to adjust brightness, sharpness and contrast are also included. The program supports resolutions up to 4K.

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

Dual-core processor with 2.4 GHz or better

4 GB or higher for HD quality editing / production

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

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