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Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Since you are still sleepy from a good night’s rest, it is only right that you should know some quick and easy recipes that you can come up with in a few minutes.

If your kids love milk, then offer them something by combining milk with some cereals and fruit. To do that, you pour cornflakes from the box and into the bowl. Add milk and then slice into small pieces a banana or some strawberries and then serve.

For adults, you can substitute cereal with oatmeal which is quite healthy since it has been proven to lower your cholesterol. You can add with your bowl of oatmeal some fruits as well which are also good for you.

You can’t have cereal or oatmeal everyday so why don’t you try something else like an omelet. There are different ways to make it and the simplest one is to cook 2 eggs and add margarine into a frying pan. You can add flavor to it by also putting in some sliced mushrooms, onion and sliced sausages.

Once the omelet begins to set, use a spatula to push the edges of the egg mixture in. Keep doing this until you can flip one side of the omelet over the other one and then serve on a plate.

Do you want some bread for breakfast? Well you can by making blueberry French toast. To do that, you will need some eggs, milk, cream cheese, blueberries, vanilla and cinnamon.

Using a blender, beat together the milk, cream cheese, and blueberries until smooth then set aside. Using a medium mixing bowl, beat the eggs then add vanilla, and cinnamon. When you are done, add the blueberry mixture.

The last thing to do before serving is to dip the bread in the batter, and fry in a pan or griddle until slightly browned.

Another all time favorite is the waffle and if you want to add some spice to it, don’t just make any and go for the German waffle.

The ingredients for the German waffle include half a cup of butter, some sugar, egg yolk, milk, flour, baking powder, salt and gratings of lemon.

Now cream the butter and add the sugar until this turns into a cream then add the egg yolks and beat thoroughly. Next, sift the flour, salt, and baking powder together and add this to the creamed mixture alternating with the milk. Add the lemon peel and blend thoroughly then cook using a hot waffle iron and serve.

Pancakes anyone? Well try out the French Jelly Pancake. If you know how to make pancakes, we can already skip forward and move on to the best part which is adding the jelly. You have to do this while it is still hot and spread this evenly to keep it from spreading.

Next, dredge this with sugar and to make it look attractive, burn some lines around it using your toaster before serving.

Breakfast is important and fortunately, there are a lot of great quick and easy recipes that you can serve when you get up in the morning. As refreshments, always serve it with a cup of coffee or tea for the grownups and milk or juice for the kids.

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