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Quick and Easy Donut Recipes

Crispy Crčme and Dunkin Donuts are two of the most popular donut brands in the market. If you think that how they do it is impossible to make, think again because here are some quick and easy donut recipes which you can try out at home.

All donuts are made the same way. The main ingredients include flour,sugar,milk,oil, eggs and a vanilla. When you have all these ingredients ready, mix everything together for about 2 minutes except for the oil that will be used later on.

Now make three long thick donut strips and then make then like a donut shape and connect both sides together. Put the oil on a medium sized pan and set this either to medium or medium high.

Look at the pan and slowly put in one donut at a time. Bake this for about 7 minutes until it is gold then bring it out and cool it for a bit before serving.

But that is just a plain donut. What if you want to make a chocolate or strawberry donut? To do that, you can melt a block of chocolate or use syrup and then spread this over the top of the donut. To make the syrup, mix together some butter, vanilla extract and butter then heat it until the texture becomes creamy. If you want to add nuts or candy sprinkles, knock yourself out.

There is another way to make a donut. To do that, you flatten each biscuit after mixing all the ingredients and then making a hole in the center using a small cookie cutter.

When the cookie is ready, plane the outer ring and the center in a deep fryer and cook until it is golden brown. Remove it after several minutes and place this over some paper towels to dry off the excess oil. Now coat the donuts with whatever flavor and toppings you like then serve.

The nice thing about making donuts this way is that you get to use everything. Because you placed the outer ring and the center in the deep fryer, you have not only made donuts but also munchkins which are great to eat.

Aside from circular shape donuts or those with a hole, you can also these goodies with filling inside and those that are shaped like a rectangle. If you want to put flavoring, make sure you don’t remove the center. As for a different shape, just make it into the intended form.

After making a few donuts, you will realize that this is so easy to make that anyone can do it at home. If what you made doesn’t taste like those you buy from the store, buy a box and then try to replicate the taste until you get it right.

Making donuts is easy and if you have the time, you can probably sell these to a bakeshop and earn some money. That is probably the best thing to do right now especially during the recession when a lot of people don’t have work and you still have to earn a living.

If you do decide to go into business, make sure you practice effective quality control and price your goods at a reasonable price. If you don’t, the shop where you could be selling your stuff will accept someone who is giving a better offer.

But if you don’t want to sell your donuts, that’s okay because you get to enjoy serving a different one each time after practicing the different quick and easy donut recipes.

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