Redmine Agile plugin


Scrum/Kanban Board

Cards with issues that you can move between the statuses and assignees with drag&drop.

Agile Charts

The plugin gives access to 11 Agile charts: Burndown/Burnup for Issues, Time Spent and Story points, Cumulative Flow and Trackers Cumulative Flow, Velocity, Lead Time and Average Lead Time.

Sprint Planner

Assign and re-assign issues to a particular Sprint or Backlog with drag&drop.

Story Points

Estimate a required amount of work, complexity, risk, and uncertainty associated with the task with Story Points.

Subcolumns and Swim-lanes

Set up clear vertical and horizontal categorization of Issues based on status, priority or assignee.

Work In Progress (WIP) Limits

Keep workload under control for optimal workflow with Kanban WIP metric.

9 language versions

English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese, Chinese(Taiwan), Korean.

Additional features

Assignee avatars, colors, Issue attributes board view, Sortable issue cards



Business & Finance / Project Management


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