Redmine Helpdesk plugin



Create autoresponder with styling and macros to auto-populate data and personalize your message.

Customer information

See all data from CRM—profile info, tags, background information and previous support tickets.

Ticketing System

Redmine Issues turn into tickets with additional information you need from Helpdesk type of software.

Reply with macros from the ticket

Create header and footer templates that include macros. They can include data such as ticket ID, name, and surname of the agent. They will automatically fill the gaps on sending your reply.

Canned Responses

For frequently asked questions, build templates with replies. Personalize them with macros that automatically fill in the data.

Helpdesk Widget with API

With Helpdesk Widget, clients can send messages or tickets from any page—inside the Redmine or external. Displayed fields can be pre-populated.

SLA Metrics and Reports

Track performance with SLA metrics: Avg. first response time, a number of replies needed to close the ticket and ticket closing time. 

Satisfaction ratings

Clients can rate your employees' answers with happy, neutral or sad emoticon and an additional comment. Track satisfaction with report.

Detailed reports

Monitor how much time you spend on support. Internally: for each product or department. Externally: for which client or project.

12 language versions

German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Turkish, Chinese



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