Redmine Invoices plugin


Invoices based on time entries

Just select time entries and click 'create a new invoice'. Group entries by activities, users, and issues to choose which details to include.

Recurring invoices

Set up and manage recurring invoices, with automatic documents generation and sending.

Taxes and discounts

For each product or service, you can add tax or discount, as well as apply different tax values for different countries.

Customizable PDF-reports

Design invoice templates and use them to generate PDF reports. They include public view link that you can send to clients.

Invoices, bills, quotes, and estimates

Once you created an invoice, you can generate it, download and send PDF-report to your client.

Multiple units

Apart from currencies, you can add mileage (in miles or kilometers), time entries (in minutes, hours, days) quantity of products (in pieces) and custom ones.

Automatic translation

You can translate your invoice design with a single click to adjust to the different market.


Keep track of the non-time based investments. Create drafts for negotiations with the client, or use it for better accounting.

Relations with operations

Link invoices with financial transactions for transparent accounting.

18 languages versions

Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Chinese (Taiwan)



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