RX BOT – add-on purchase to Roulette Xtreme

RX BOT is an ADD-Purchase to Roulette Xtreme.

RX BOT will automatically connect to supported online casinos, read the roulette numbers that have appeared and place bets based on the roulette system.

RX BOT  can perform two functions:

  • If the system is Active, will play the system automatically on the supported online casino.  
  • If the system is In-Active, will collect numbers (spins) automatically on the supported online casino.  

With RX BOT , the user can play their favorite roulette system automatically from a supported online casino without having to manually operate Roulette Xtreme. And better yet, the user can collect real time or good random numbers from these casino for future analysis for any system that the user may have created.

Games / Simulations

Price: USD 29.95


Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows XP


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