Six Short Stories to Learn Tarot in a Day


This booklet's main part are six short stories that presents all 78 Tarot cards in easy to learn progression. You just read the stories several times in a single day and you are all set. Since ancient times stories were used as a mechanism of memorizing information: Your brain effortlessly picks up the story and fills in the otherwise tedious details.
Not only you will memorize the cards but you'll automatically recognize the context around some card or situation, and perform more natural and much better readings for yourself and your friends.
Tips and tricks for performing Tarot readings are also included: Bare basics of numerology and symbolism commonly used in Tarot, useful guidelines you won't find elsewhere and more. Note that this booklet is not meant to be the the only resource you'll need to learn Tarot, but after reading the stories you'll be able to do meaningful Tarot readings immediately.

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