Sky online backup (200 GB – Y)

SKY Online Backup is easy to use
Once installed you can decide in as little as 30 seconds which files you want to protect, after which SKY Online Backup will do everything auto-matically and in real-time. If you want you can choose to add other files and folders to protect with SKY Online Backup, using the same simple procedure. Your files will always be available to you from any computer connected to the internet. Just go to the site and enter your access in-formation. No more carrying around cumbersome hardware devices.
SKY Online Backup costs less than an external backup device 
SKY Online Backup has developed an innovative technology that allows a very low cost per gigabyte. SKY Online Backup tries to keep costs competitive by decreasing the cost of hardware and improving the technology.
SKY Online Backup lasts longer than an external backup device
Hardware devices are not eternal: DVD’s and CD’s are sensitive to light and sun, half of all USB sticks are destroyed in household incidents, and external disks have an average lifespan of a few years. SKY Online Backup aims to provide access and security to your files even in the event of a natural catastrophe. Our technology of cloud computing and maintenance processes guarantee the longevity of your data.
SKY Online Backup does not require any maintenance on the part of the user
SKY Online Backup launches when you start your computer and performs its tasks without ever bothering you. If you want to check the backup status, it’s just a few clicks.



Utilities / Backup

MacOS/Windows 7/Windows XP


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