SP Digital Marketplace Instant Downloads Shop PHP Script


SP Digital Marketplace allows you to quickly set up online store for digital downloadable goods.
With integrated PayPal module and IPN technology the whole process is fully automated.
1. Client buys the item
2. Payment gets verified by PayPal
3. Client receives email with activation code
4. Client enters the activation code and activates download.
SP Digital Marketplace it’s not your classic shopping cart it’s actually 3 products in one.
You get Shopping Cart, User Management and CMS all in package.

Features Include:

    * Unlimited Categories
    * Unlimited Products/Items
    * Each Product/Item has it’s own page
    * Each Product/Item has it’s own gallery image
    * Chose between days or number of downloads
    * Free or paid downloads
    * Digital Delivery System (Instant Downloads)
    * Download expiry.
    * Users can add comments
    * Ajax Commenting System
    * Rating System.
    * You can turn comments on/off
    * Comments auto/manual approve
    * Email notification when new comments are added
    * File Manager
    * Manual Transactions
    * Built in Email Templates
    * User Management
    * Content Pages (CMS) – unlimited
    * Dynamic Titles
    * Dynamic Keywords
    * Dynamic Description
    * Menu Management – unlimited menus
    * WYSIWYG editor for pages and products
    * Built in Contact form
    * Sales Report Chart
    * Maintenance Module
          o Database Backup
          o Database table Optimization
          o Site Map Creation (.xml) format
          o Export clients data and transaction data in (.xls) for viewing in Spreadsheet software
    * Fully Loaded jQuery effects
    * Ajax Live Search
    * Newsletter
    * Installation Wizard

PRICE: USD 37.49


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