STOPzilla Mobile Security


  • Anti-Theft
    Lost or stolen Android device? Rest assured, our Anti-Theft feature offers the ability to locate, lock, wipe or message your device remotely.

  • Internet Security
    With our "In-The-Cloud" scanning technology, STOPzilla Mobile antivirus works with your Android web browser to provide precautionary measures against compromising websites.

  • Immediate Install Scanning
    STOPzilla Mobile antivirus for Android automatically scans any application immediately after its install. This keeps users informed and protected whenever they try a new application.

  • On-Demand Scanning
    You can also run an "On-Demand" scan at any time to ensure that all the applications installed on your Android device or kept in its storage are valid and safe.

  • Event Viewer
    The Event Viewer keeps track of all notable events and actions logged by STOPzilla Mobile antivirus for Android.

  • Application Audit
    Keep track of each application's permission requirements, showing which application is trying to access the Internet or sensitive data.


Utilities / Antivirus

Price: USD 14.95





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