• Downloads/Captures online videos intelligently with fire-new interfaces of Stream-Cloner 2.
  • Downloads online movies, streaming videos, music, images, data files, etc from all kinds of HTTP protocols.
  • Downloads online videos from all video or video-sharing websites such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, IMDB, VEVO, AOL, iFilm, My space,, Vimeo,, Movieweb, Video.yahoo¹, etc.
  • Displays all links of the current webpage so that you can download some or all contents of the page.
  • The intuitive interface enables you to add a URL manually to download videos or enter the main interface to download videos with the internal browser.
  • Captures streaming videos or anything playing on the PC.
  • Converts the downloaded and captured streaming videos to various video and audio formats for your convenience.
  • Plays back the downloaded/captured/converted video files with the software's built-in video player directly.
  • Downloads/captures streaming videos under the 1-Click Download and 1-Click Capture interfaces quite easily.
  • Select the target format to convert before downloading the streaming video.
  • The included crash-proof web browser supports for reopening closed web pages.
  • Captures online videos from all video websites, such as Netflix, iTunes, Redbox¹, etc.
  • Draws a capture frame manually or picks an object for capture automatically.
  • Manually add a specific category for collecting your various kinds of files privately.
  • Select whether to be notified when detecting video URLs in the internal browser.
  • Downloads and converts multiple tasks at one time.
  • Automatically tries again when the download task fails.
  • Set hot keys for the buttons of "Start/Pause" and "Stop" on the capture interface.
  • Free technical support

Audio & Video / Video Tools

Price: USD 59.99


Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP



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