Strike Ball 2 Deluxe: Amazing Pack

If you’re in the mood for brick-smashing fun, look no further than Strike Ball 2 Deluxe: Amazing Level Pack! The creators of the game have tossed in more explosive bricks, tons of incredible power-ups, 100 astonishing new levels and exclusive music tracks in an effort to satisfy your appetite for brick-bashing action and test your arcade skills! We believe you’ll enjoy Amazing Level Pack, so download it without hesitation and check it out today!

(This is an add-on to Strike Ball 2 Deluxe. You need to own the full, original game (Version 2.12 or higher) to play it. If the version number is lower, download Strike Ball 2 Deluxe from to update the game).

PRICE: USD 14.95


Games / Arcade

Windows Server 2003/Windows XP/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows 9x




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