Tab Control for AutoCAD

Tab Control for AutoCAd is a dockable tab based toolbar for managing open AutoCAD documents.

01.Open recent files quickly
02.New Template files quickly
03.Auto replace font. First, select a font from menu of ‘Replace Font Settings’ which use to replace the font when AutoCAD can’t found the origin font. If you also check the menu of ‘Run Font Replace When Open File’ the program will auto replace the font.
04.Auto backup file. First, select a path from menu of ‘Backup Path Settings’ which use to backup the file when AutoCAD save file. If you also check the menu of ‘Backup File When Save’ the program will auto backup the file when save. The backup files will save according to the origin direction structure.
05.Auto ZOOM-E. AutoCAD whill auto run the command ‘ZOOM-E’ when you check the menu of ‘Run ZOOM-E When Open File’.
06.Auto PURGE-ALL. AutoCAD whill auto run the command ‘PURGE-ALL’ when you check the menu of ‘Run PURGE-ALL When Open File’.
07.Save & Close. Save All, Close All, Save & Close All, Not Save & Close All.
08.Tabs control position can be top or bottom of AutoCAD.
09.Mouse Click. Left button click to switch view, double click to close view. The files order by the name. you can free download OverCAD Tabs 1.00 now.



Multimedia & Design / Graphic Viewers

Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP


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