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Treat Your Garden Right with Organic Pesticides

What gardener doesn’t want to rid his or her garden of all those nasty summertime pests? Yet to put chemical…

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Cat on throw pillow

Cat on throw pillow by starchimachim ——————————————————————————— Cat on throw pillow wood wall art by starchimachim     Size: 8″x8″…

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Lion on Graphic T-Shirt

Buy from here: https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Lion-by-starchim01/73963933.1YYVU?asc=u   Features Edge-to-edge front print makes a big, bold, undeniable statement Regular fit and soft feel…

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Mythical creature,with effects


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How To Select The Right Vet For Your Chinchilla

When an owner is looking for the right veterinarian for their exotic pet, they want someone who can relate to…

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Pisicile se odihnesc

S-au jucat destul,acum se odihnesc.

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Chinchillas Staying Healthy With Pellets and Hay

The chinchilla’s process of consuming food is quite different than other animals. They should have a lot of roughage and…

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Pisicuța fotogenică

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Drăguțe pisicuțe

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Draga de ea

Ar fi dat cu cireșe după mine,dacă eu aș fi dat cu pietre după ea?

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Un cal

Stătea și își aștepta stăpânul.

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Frumoși colți

Fericită pisică.Am avut și noi două pisici,trei cu mama lor,dar se pare că cineva le-a făcut felul. catsbeaversandducks.tumblr.com