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Mie nu mi-a plăcut niciodată

Deutsch: Cappuccino mit Kakaoherz (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Acest produs prezentat aici:,și nici cappuccino la plic nu-mi place,mai beau câteodată așa zisa ciocolată fierbinte.Beau în schimb cafea naturală,și de multe ori cafea solubilă. Related articles Panera Nutrition Facts: These are the… Continue Reading →

Cafeaua de dimineață

Și nu doar de dimineață.


Nothing perks up a lazy morning like coffee. What is this dark-colored substance made of and why can’t some people survive a day without having even just one sip of this stimulant? Coffee, normally taken hot, is made from the… Continue Reading →

Cafea solubilă în cola

All About Espresso Cups

True espresso drinkers are the ones who will be more likely to make a big deal out of the cup or drinking glass that their espresso is in! However, if you’re an average individual who simply prefers the taste of… Continue Reading →

Cafeaua în războiul civil american

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