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Dept of field

Depth of field 30 Depth of field 78

Learn To Draw A Dragon

In myths dragons symbolize a myriad of real and imagined terrors, which perhaps originated from the real beasts that roamed ancient forests. But for modern storytellers, it is usually the majestic hero in the story. The best thing in drawing… Continue Reading →

Learn To Draw Cars

Cars could be a really cool subject to draw, especially if you love racing and other sports related to it. Nevertheless, may you be a car fan or not, cars are definitely one good subject to draw. This is because… Continue Reading →

Learn To Corel Draw

One of the most powerful media software used for pictures is Corel Draw. This program has been existing for years now and has been used by a lot of digital imaging masters to create their digital masterpieces or edit their… Continue Reading →

Corel Paint Shop Pro Makeover Tutorial

Mărul din farfurie

Măr plin de vitamine.Am aplicat două efecte:Depth of Field și bordura roșie.Mărul în mijloc cu blur în jurul lui.Lucrurile astea necesită multă atenție și calm.Când văd la alții fotografii modificate într-un fel s-au altul cred că este ușor,dar când mă… Continue Reading →


Am descărcat Paint it! de la Corel și i-am făcut o probă folosind-ul pe Codiță drept model.

Pyramid paint,bronze

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