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Learn To Draw Faces

Being able to draw a face is considered to be an outright talent by many. This kind of talent is also possessed by a lot of artists. However, the ability to realistically draw a face would be a different subject… Continue Reading →

Copacul,cu sau fără flori

Sau fructe,trebuie doar să-l desenezi.Eu l-am desenat în varianta simplă,o tulpină și un oval deasupra.Om închis,adică.O singură dată am dat cu adevărat un test psihologic așa cum trabuie,m-a și ținut atunci persoana repectivă cam o oră jumate la testare.Înainte de… Continue Reading →

Learn To Draw The Human Figure

The human figure is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects to draw. One of the most commonly encountered problem of aspiring artists would be drawing it in proportion. So, if you want to learn to draw the… Continue Reading →

Learn To Draw A Flame

Fire is one of the most beautiful subjects that artists of all medium can have. Being able to draw it with as much proximity, beauty and delicateness as with the real form is considered to be quite a challenge and… Continue Reading →

Learn To Draw Tinkerbell

Tinkebell is considered to be the most famous fairy in modern times, all thanks to Disney’s Peter Pan movie. Because of this, a lot of people have started to have a soft spot for this small yet endearing fairy of… Continue Reading →

Learn To Draw A Bunny

Bunnies are cute creatures that have become a favourite subject by artists. They are also considered to be challenging too. There are various ways of drawing a rabbit. If you want to learn to draw a bunny, here are some… Continue Reading →

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