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Follow the money: Unde s-au dus banii Securitatii si de ce coruptii nu scapa niciodata Interviu

Daca ai in spate resursele financiare si organizatia foarte puternica a fostului PCR, atunci poti castiga alegerile in Romania, o tara care a pierdut urma banilor fostei Securitati si unde, in comunism, coruptia era considerata o forma de disidenta. Regula de aur follow the money e una care ar putea servi memoriei si manualelor scolare, spune istoricul britanic Dennis Deletant, care, in anii dictaturii, ducea scrisorile romanilor la Europa Libera.

Source: Follow the money: Unde s-au dus banii Securitatii si de ce coruptii nu scapa niciodata Interviu

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Tu ştiai cum a luat naştere numele ţării noastre? Istoricii ne explică de unde provine numele României |

„La începutul secolului al XVII-lea, cărturarul raguzan (n. r. din provincia Ragusa, din Sicilia) Giacomo Luccari foloseşte deja cuvântul România, denumind astfel Ţara Românească. În secolul al XVIII-lea, acelaşi termen este folosit de cărturarul sas Martin Felmer. La 1816, cărturarul grec Dimitrie Philippide scrie o Istorie a României şi o Geografie a României, în greacă. Multă vreme s-a considerat că aceste cărţi au constituit actul de botez al României, dar astăzi medieviştii descoperă mereu menţiuni mai vechi ale unor termeni asemănători precum Romaniolia“, afirmă profesorul Sorin Mitu, şeful catedrei de Istorie Modernă la Facultatea de Istorie şi Filosofie din cadrul Universităţii Babeş-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca.

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Patriotic Guided Tours of our US Capital

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It’s exciting to know that, on a nearly year-round basis, you can take your family on a guided tour of Washington, DC, our
US Capital and a fascinating city to visit. This is a good city for families to visit as it teaches children how our
government works and there are dozens of interesting things to see and do.

Guided tours of Washington DC can be walking tours, driving tours or a combination of both. In many cases, because traffic
can be difficult around the capital, it pays to spend most of your time on a guided walking tour. As you may know, most
aspects of central Washington DC are centered on a large rectangular “mall” with places to visit throughout. Pick a spot
and follow through from there.

Perhaps you’ll want to start out at our nation’s capital building. It’s a busy place where you may be able to view the
places where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet and make our laws. Most guided tours will show you specific
points of interest, including interesting architecture, paintings and statues.

The Smithsonian Institute lies in several buildings on either side of the capital building. On guided tours of these areas,
you may wish to pick the buildings and areas you think you and your family will like the most. Perhaps you will choose the
Air and Space Museum. You’ll see old rockets, space suits, famous airplanes and even a planetarium show. Kids love this
museum and adults get a chance to be kids for a change.

The Holocaust Museum is tucked away along the south side of the mall and it’s not as easy to see; however, many guided tours of the area will show you the way. This museum is a must-see event that will teach you and your children a great deal about what so many people suffered through.
As you walk along the mall, the large obelisk, the Washington Monument looms as the center point in the mall. Guided tours
of Washington DC often stop here. To the South, you’ll see the Jefferson Memorial and, to the North, you’ll see the White
House. While the lines may be long, you can often get in to see a guided tour of the inside of the White House.

Further down on the mall are the Vietnam Memorial Wall, a striking design that moves nearly every one who sees it. Guided
tours of the area will also take you to the newer memorial to World War II veterans. If you come at the right time of the
year, usually in early to mid-spring, you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom along both sides of a rectangular,
shallow reflecting pool. In wintertime, however, the pool is drained.

None of the guided tours of Washington DC will let you miss the Lincoln Memorial with its famous statue of the seated
Abraham Lincoln. From the top of its steps, you can see the entire mall in all its glory.

If you’re on one of the guided tours of Washington DC that has a driving component, they’ll probably take you to see
Arlington Cemetery, where many famous people have been buried. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, also called the Tomb of
the Unknowns. As a way to finish the trip, drive by the massive Pentagon to see how huge it is how many people work there.

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Family Artifacts

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Gateways to the Past

There is a famous saying that says you must understand the past to know where you are going in the future. This is certainly true when you think about your past and what that will mean for you and your future.
If you take a look at your family’s artifacts, heirlooms and photos, you will find a huge history in your family that you were not aware of previously. This past will clue you in to a number of things, including what your great-grandparents, grandparents and parents were like in their younger days to what types of fashions they wore and what they enjoyed doing.
Or, studying family artifacts and records can clue you in to the history of the health of your family and give you an opportunity to understand what types of illnesses are common in your family and what you should be on the lookout for when you visit your doctor.

Studying family artifacts will also help you piece together the history of your family. Where did your family immigrate from? Most likely, artifacts that your family still has will give insight to the lives the family led in their old country and give an idea of why they decided that risking it all and coming to America was the best choice for them.

You could most likely spend hours looking at old records, artifacts and photos. It takes you back to a time that you were not a part of and never will know firsthand. However, taking the time to look at all of it will give you an idea of what it takes to make your future bright.

If you can see examples of mistakes your family has made in the past, you can take those mistakes and in turn find a way to keep from making those same mistakes in your own life. You can also find a way to have potential family illnesses diagnosed early and taken care of before they turn into serious problems.

So, if you have not already, schedule an afternoon to visit with your Grandparents about the past and ask them to relive their good memories with you. Then, ask if you can see some of the mementos and artifacts that they have kept for years.
They will most likely be excited to share their lives with you and be thankful that you care. You, in turn, will find out interesting facts about the past and where your family came from and where you can help take it in the future.

Understanding the past is indeed the key to understanding the future. Take your opportunity to find out more about the family artifacts in your family while your Grandparents are still around. They will appreciate your gesture and you will sit in awe of the stories and events that they have lived through in their lives.

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Is That for Real? Fake Artifacts and the Truth

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Is That for Real? Fake Artifacts and the Truth

People love to collect things: especially artifacts and other collectibles that they deem to either have personal or monetary
value. Unfortunately, with the growth of this popular pastime comes the people who are out to take advantage of these people
who wish to purchase artifacts for their collections.

These crooks only want to defraud the innocent people of their money while preying on their desire to have something unique
and original. Until these people are all caught, it will continue. However, the sad fact is that there will continue to be
sideways crooks that will prey on unsuspecting people until the end of time.

So, if you are a collector, take note. If you are looking to purchase any sort of collectable from someone who claims to
have something original, make sure you take the time to research the claim before you shell out your hard earned cash.

How can you be prepared to avoid crooks? Well, it surely is not easy, but here are a few steps you can follow to try to
protect yourself, your interests and most of all, your cash:

* Only buy from a reputable antiques or collectables dealer. These people will have references and contacts in the industry
that will prove that they have the goods
* Never buy from someone who approaches you about buying something unique or rare. Most times these people are trying to
take advantage of your interest. Instead, only buy things you have had the time to research in advance.
* Go with your gut, if you look at something and it seems too good to be true, it of course probably is just that.
* Do not let your excitement get in the way of your good judgment. You may be excited at the prospect of purchasing a
unique artifact, but do not let that cloud your good judgment and make sure you research your purchase before buying,
by confirming on historical records, etc.
* Develop relationships with your dealers and buyers. That way you will build trust and you can be assured that you will
be able to trust these people and know that what they are saying is the truth.

There may come a time when you do get bilked out of your cash and end up losing some of it due to a bad business deal. Do
not dwell on that, it can happen to even the savviest of collectors. Instead, brush it off to a hard lesson learned and
then get up and try again. You will no doubt have the opportunity to purchase many find artifacts and collectables in
your life. Some will be amazing, some not so much. In the end you will have a great collection of artifacts that will make
you proud to show off to your friends and family. It will take some time to assemble this amazing collection, but once you
do, you will be amazed at the satisfaction you get from it.