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Download free pattern     Download Example:

Marcu Ioachim
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Repeat design for decor, wallpaper, fabric       Example:

ur,socks flatlay medium,square,1000x1000 bg,f8f8f8.1.jpg
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Love with all my heart Socks

Link to the product: Features Super soft and stretchy knit crew socks Socks fit: men’s US size 3.5-12, women’s…

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Seamless pattern for decorative products  

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Pattern in gradient   gradient templates

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Glittering decorative pattern    

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Texture with deformed circles

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Decorative texture for seamless background Decorative texture.Seamless background.    

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Create a seamless pattern in photoshop

How to create a seamless pattern in Photoshop

vector stars
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Seamless texture with decorative stars

Template with stars for design and decoration, wrapping paper,prints,backgrounds, textile, packages.Seamless texture with decorative stars.

golden rusty
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Seamless pattern

[embedyt][/embedyt] Create a rusty pattern.Use an image to create a seamless pattern.

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Pattern with squares