Productive utilities to conquer your Inbox
Attachment Explorer
  • Unique feature listing attachment(s) from folders buried deep inside emails.
  • Explorer options to filter, sort, save, mail selected attachments etc.
Bundle Mails
  • In a jiffy, save (as PST file) entire folder or randomly selected mails, present in any email folders. This is similar to storing a bunch of related letters, documents in a file.
  • Creates an excel file with a content index of emails archived.
  • Users can share bundled emails (PST) and recipient(s) can search by actual sender.
Contact Extractor
  • Extracts, lists all the email ids from emails present in email folders.
  • Email Ids can be exported to excel, saved to contacts in address book etc.
Categorize Mails
  • Automatically prioritises emails with colour codes based on sender addressing the email directly to you ('To') or as copy to you ('CC')
  • Emails from whitelisted contacts are automatically highlighted
Reply All Alert
  • When an email has many recipients and recipient(s) sends a response with ‘Reply All’ option, an ‘Alert’ makes the sender to pause and think whether all recipients need to know about the response. Example, it can be confidential information for limited audience.
  • This helps reduce email traffic & carbon foot print and also to better email etiquette.

Internet / Email

Price: USD 49.95


Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8



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