Use Email to Get Inside

So now that you are systematically collecting opt-in emails from your customers (if you are not see how effectively are you using email to build the relationship with your customers? Do you see email as just a cheap replacement for traditional print, radio, or TV advertising? If so, you are leaving opportunities on the table.

The other day I saw a “Graduation-Wedding-Mother’s Day” sale advertised on television. I was a little surprised that they left out Memorial Day, but it highlights a few of the draw backs of the medium. First, it is shotgun meaning that everybody sees the same thing so you are tempted to provide something for everybody in the same ad. Second, it is expensive and takes time to create ads, so the inclination is to make them either very generic or, again, cover all your bases.

Email doesn’t have those problems.

You know exactly who you are sending to (and with your opt-in list you know they want it) and you can put an email together in a few minutes and send it out (if you can’t, check out With these strengths, if you are using email just to say what the other guys are saying on TV you are shooting air balls.

Think of the email you get from your friends.

Do they send you “Happy Graduation-Wedding-Mother’s Day” emails? No, chances are they talk about last night’s game, what happened over the weekend, or a great place they visited. Email allows you to be immediate and to be current. Use it that way.

Here is an example.

The Suns just lost game 4 of the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Lakers. If you’ve got a business in Phoenix how about a “Beat the Lakers Special” in preparation for game 5? Throw in a blurb about how many teams have come back from 1 and 3 in the first round and sign off with “Go Suns!”

Customers not sports fans?

No problem, find another local or regional event to mention. The point is that there are thousands of businesses out there throwing millions of dollars at generic ads. With email you now have a way to cut through all that chaos and capture your customers’ imagination and enthusiasm with some thing that is uniquely you and your business. So use it.

Hey, if you got a big guy inside–get him the ball!

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