VideoGirls BiZ Turnkey PPV Video Chat Script Monthly Rental

Internet / Communications, VideoGirls BiZ Turnkey PPV Video Chat Script Monthly Rental, startachim blog

Internet / Communications, VideoGirls BiZ Turnkey PPV Video Chat Script Monthly Rental, startachim blog

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  • New Price: 85.5 USD
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Video Girls BiZ is a website software suite, containing all software and scripts required to power a pay per view / pay per minute online video chat business.

Note: This product refers to website software (like php scripts, flash applications) for web developers or site owners and does not include adult content like pictures or videos.

VideoGirls BiZ – 1 Domain License Rental – Monthly

When to rent?
+ When you want to evaluate the business over a period of months.
+ When you have a low budget and also want to keep some funds for advertising, customizations, hosting until it starts returning.
+ When you want to fund this from the monthly revenue of your primary job.

How does this work? How much income can this generate? Overview with snapshots!

Incredible Features, Price, Timeframe
Video Girls BiZ was designed to power a pay per view video chat business beeing inspired from most successfull PPV sites online. Most of these websites use custom software that took thousands of dollars and several months of development, testing and fine tuning. We already invested, tested, fine tuned it based on customer feedback. With our turn key solution you can have your website installed and ready in days instead of months. We are the original developers of this software and we continuously improve it and support our customers. Our competitors sell similar software for $4500 or $12 000 which is much closer to development costs.

No Limitations , Efficiently Designed
There are no software limitations with our packages. The only limitations are the ones of the streaming server or hosting plan you’ll use. You can upgrade anytime your hosting plans or switch to a dedicated server if you need more resources – the sky is the limit.

Our software is designed for 1 on 1 video instead of multiple low resolution video screens as common public chat systems have. This decreases used bandwidth, number of video streams used. This also allows using a big high quality & resolution video panel in the layout as each user views 1 other member at a time. Bandwidth limit per video stream (that determines quality) can be limited from webmaster settings.

Internet / Communications

Unix/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

USD 90


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