VoiceOver PowerPoint Plug-in

VoiceOver PowerPoint enables you to easily add speech to your PowerPoint presentation. You just create a MS- Word document containing the narration and the audio is added to your presentation instantaneously. Total Real-time Integration Two plug-ins make the integration possible, the VoiceOver MS-Word Plug-in and the VoiceOver PowerPoint Plug-in. The VoiceOver MS-Word Plug-in extends the functionality of Microsoft Word, and the VoiceOver PowerPoint Plug-in extends the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint. Applications for VoiceOver PowerPoint include: Narration for tutorials; Demonstrations; PowerPoint Help System; Corporate Announcements; Any application where it is necessary to add speech to PowerPoint presentations.

For a better understanding, please watch this video: VoiceOver PowerPoint



Multimedia & Design / Authoring Tools

Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP


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