Wondershare FilmoraPro (Lifetime)

FilmoraPro is a video editing software that empowers you to create professional-looking videos with compositing, motion graphics, special effects, color correction tools, and more. It is both powerful and easy to learn.

FilmoraPro is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can output your projects to almost any popular video format. 


Accelerate Your Process

Refine your footage with precision. There is no limit to what you can make.

Rise Above The Noise

Perfect your audio and tell your story with clarity.

Express Your Cinematic Flair

Experience detailed color correction or make fast changes with high-quality presets.

Breathe Life Into Your Clips

Use customizable animations to establish your signature style

Make Movie Magic

Push the limits of your imagination and direct the tone of your scene with Hollywood-style visual effects.

PRICE: USD 149.99


Audio & Video / Video Tools

Windows 10/Windows 8


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